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FxProSoft contacted us for detailed audit and assessment of the relevance of the style and functionality of them resource. After detailed analysis, we recommended to make the reconstruction of the site because recently appeared a competitor on the Internet horizon to entice they regular customers.


As a result of work of the project team, the customer received absolutly new and multifunctional marketplace for digital goods with convenient filtering and the ability to accommodate a wide range of products for Forex - trading robots, technical indicators, and other trading applications.

What we've made

The main idea was taken from the popular Themeforest ™ website, the largest marketplace for selling digital goods. Then we created the website, which was made for all versions of screen resolutions, that makes the marketplace look special, modern, simple and help our client to stand out among competitors. The distinctiveness of this project is that it is built around a core, consisting of a versatile multi marketplace script that can be easily customized and upgraded with a wide array of modules.

Public website

Home page

User account

Account Settings Page
Upload Item Page
Withdraw Page
Product Details Page
Dashboard Page
Subscribe Page

Administrator account

Statistics Page

Responsive design


We couldn’t chose as a development platform from the popular CMS, thats why we needed to build self-written CMS. Other technologies involved are HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, JQuery, Amazon S3 and MySQL.

As a result we delivered dynamic, scalable and well-ordered website. We have developed many functions - Smart Search, Conversations, Mention Users for More Exposure, Shopping Cart, Checkout, Payment System - PayPal, Stripe and Bank Transfer, Product Filters, Smart Product Browsing, Unlimited Categories and Subcategories, Internal Mail and Wallet – and much more!


This sure was an interesting first project Marketplace for Buying and Selling Forex Software. Customer also geted multiple revenue streams. If a seller wants to promote his item to the top of the homepage - he can purchase a subscription from the Featured items module. A user may want to gain many followers, so he can purchase a subscription that will have all new members automatically follow him - that can be arranged with the Power user module and more other possibility.

In case you need same project - digital marketplace - you can contact us with your requirements, and we will respond with a quote.


4 months


Project Manager
Engineer Software
UX Designer


United States

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